Live Today, Plan Tomorrow, Never Forget Yesterday

About a month ago I had a little extra time to myself, so I decided to take a walk through the park and reflect on my life. During my reflection I learned that I’m happy with who I am. This led to me thinking about my past as well, and how everything I have gone through has somehow morphed me into who I am today.

While reflecting I learned that it’s important to think back to my past; to go through my memories often, whether they be good or bad. It’s important to remember my tears as well as my smiles; the happiness and the pain because it all has made me who I am today.

I learned to never forget the people who were once in my life as well as those who are still with me today. To never forget how they have made me feel and everything I’ve experienced with them. In some way, they helped form me with the impact they had, no matter how small it was.

So what I want you to get from this is to look back at everything you’ve gone through in this adventure we call life. Remember everything you have overcome. Remember all of your accomplishments and mistakes, you’ve learned from both of them. Remember where you came from and hold on tight to your memories; they are extremely important. Take the time to sit down and go through your memories every once in awhile, because you will never want to forget them. You can live for today, plan for tomorrow, but never forget yesterday.


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