Grades Have Lost Their Importance

My best friend and I rival each other in many ways, mostly in education; From GPA to class ranking, to academic awards. He wins nearly every time. I am happy for my best friend, and I am proud of him, but I do get jealous. And here’s why.

My best friend and I are very similar. We both come from divorced families, his being more recent than mine, with two younger brothers, and we both are 4.0 students. We both maintain jobs, sports, chores, and spend time with girlfriends after school throughout the week. We have similar morals, mine being somewhat different due to my religious background, and we are both first year National Honor Society members at our school.

At school is where we differentiate, mostly. Although we both maintain a 4.0, the highest GPA you can obtain at my high school, my friend is looked at as smarter, and better than me by the students and staff at our school. In our Spanish class, which is the only class we have together this year, anytime someone needs help translating a phrase they turn instantly to him. I am more than willing to help, even in my Algebra II class this year I took the time I was given to do my homework to help the girl who sat next to me understand how to do our homework. I chose to do the homework at home, despite the busy schedule I have anyways. While I’ve heard my best friend get frustrated when people get the answers wrong or don’t understand because of how “easy” it is; even though I catch him with his notes out during multiple tests. Our principal and guidance counselor look at him as if he were a saint, even though I take my work to a higher level than he does. For example in Spanish class our teacher has been assigning us to write poems, and letters to ourselves. Within my letters and poems I have tried to write them as if I were writing an essay for English. While the last line of his poem would translate to, “this is a poem for Spanish class.”

In Spanish we are also assigned many group projects, and of course we partner together since we are best friends. These projects mostly include skits. Our project usually works like this. I write the rough draft while he sits on the computer behind me talking and joking with other people in the class. Then I take the rough draft home over the weekend and finish writing it, send it to the teacher for revision via E-mail, then type the final after the revisions have been done. Then we both bring in props on the day we present the skit. Our class, and the teacher always love our skits because I make them funny and enjoyable to watch, even when they can’t understand everything we are saying. The teacher tells us how great we did and we get over 100% on it almost every time, while the students talk to my best friend about how much they liked it. You can see where my jealousy may lie.

I previously stated that we are both busy. I don’t want to say that I am busier than he is due to me not knowing everything he does at home but by my perspective I am. We both maintain 4.0’s at our high school but I am also maintaining that 4.0 with my vocational school grades, college class grades, and normal high school grades. I maintain it even though I play baseball in the Spring, bowl in the Winter, work year round, attend church (every Sunday morning and night, and Wednesday night) volunteer with one of the two youth groups I go to, mow my grandparents lawn from Spring to Fall, do chores at home, and visit my girlfriend on Sundays. Throughout all of this I still get my work done. Many times I see my best friend rushing to finish his Spanish homework, or another classes homework, in our Spanish class.

I’ll let you judge on who you think deserves this but he is the top student in our class. He is praised for academics while I am simply ignored although I am at the same level as he is. We were both nominated by different teachers by for an academic leadership award and he won. I wouldn’t have even known about it if the teacher that nominated me hadn’t told me, my principal didn’t tell me nor my guidance counselor.

If you look away from school my awards include three back-to-back awards given to me by the leaders of my church camp for being most “Christ-like” and a JV leadership award given to my by my baseball coach last year.

Last night while I was thinking about what to write for this blog entry I decided that character is more important than grades. This is why grades have lost their importance to me.


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