To Those who Fear a Distant Love

I used to think that a long distance relationship would never work out, and that those who tried were only hurting themselves. I used to wonder how a love could flourish if you couldn’t see or interact with the one you love in person. Perhaps this is true for many relationships that try to go long distance, but now I know that it can be done; it just takes work.

I know this now because my girlfriend of nearly two years is more than likely moving to Texas this Summer for our Senior year. I know I am young so most of you probably will say that I know nothing about love but I’d say I do. Within our two year experience my girlfriend and I have laughed together, cried together, upset each other, played together. We’ve had great times as well as not so great times. We’ve fought for, cared for, and been there for each other. I feel as if the two years we’ve been together gives me the right to say that I know what love is.

Anyways, like I said she’s moving. I am well aware that maintaining a long-distance relationship will be harder than it is when she is here with me. I know that I’ll miss her, and wish I could see her again one last time, then one last time after that, then again, and again. I realize that at first I will cry, maybe daily, but eventually I will get used to the idea. I will be willing to wait for her to come back to me once the school year is over to plan the rest of our lives together (yes we’re that kind of couple). So for her, I can wait. And I will wait because I’ve experienced what my life is like with her in it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So now I know how a long distance relationship can work. You must be willing to push through it, and love the other person entirely. You’ll need to know that without a doubt your partner is who you want across from you at the alter, and buried next to you when that time comes. Those of you who are afraid of losing your girl, or your boy, because they will be temporary away from you, just know that you can do it. With effort that same love will still be between the both of you and when they return to your waiting arms, that same love will be stronger. It will be stronger because you know what it is to live without each other and you’ll never want to experience it again.


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