The Art of Being “Weird”

Many times I hear others call me weird, strange, or different. Even when they don’t say it out loud I can definitely read it on their faces. The raced eyebrow, the awkward smile, their eagerness to end the conversation. People don’t generally talk to me as often as they do others, unless they need help with something. To most, I’m just that strange kid who is different than everyone else, and the one to shy away from– AND I LOVE IT!

Being different, or “weird” as some might say, is one of my favorite qualities of myself and other people. To me the word “weird” means that I’m my own person. It means that I live my own life the way I want to without the input of everyone else. I’m not following their lifestyles but writing my own. I am being me, and having fun doing it. I’m going through life without worrying what other people think about me. In other words I’m LIVING! This doesn’t make me popular by any means, but it does put the right people in my life. Those who are truly friends with me are those who accept my awkwardness for me. They embrace who I am and love me for me.

So go ahead, call me weird, different, or strange. It doesn’t phase me in the slightest; in fact I’ll take it as a compliment. I was created to be me, not you. Go ahead and live like everyone else, and I’LL LIVE LIKE ME.


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