The Author


My name is Jacob Stewart and I am a simple teenager with plenty of thoughts about the busy world we live in. I am not very outspoken in person so this blog helps me inspire people through something I love to do; writing.

I’m a seventeen year old Christian from Ohio. I love to play baseball, even if I may not play as much as everyone else, and I bowl for my school as well. Mainly I am an introvert, but at times I show my extrovert side with those I am comfortable around; my close friends and girlfriend. Even though things may not be great for me all the time I have chosen to be as optimist as possible through my tough times.

In the future I hope to attend college in either Georgia, Florida, or Ohio; I still haven’t decided yet. I’m leaning more towards Georgia or Florida, it would be an adventure. I plan on pursuing a creative writing degree, and becoming an author. If I can’t make it as an author then I’ll find something else in writing to do; Maybe I’ll blog professionally. We’ll see how well this goes first.

So there’s a little background about me so you know who these thoughts are coming from.


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