Three Walks in the Park

Daily Promt: “…write a scene at the park.”

Twist: “Write the scene from three different perspectives.”

Perspective 1

“I’m going to get a soda. Do you want anything?” My boyfriend asked me. He gave my hand a quick squeeze before he let go.

“No that’s okay. Don’t be long, I’m not much of a waiter.” I winked at him. He flashed his sweet, yet sexy smile.

“Trust me, I know.” My boyfriend leaned in and gave me a quick kiss. “I love you” He said.

“You have ten minutes” I was the one smiling now. “but I love you too, Derek.” I watched him walk the stone path until he turned a corner and I couldn’t see him. That isn’t weird right? No we’ve been together for a year, today. It’s not weird.

Once Derek Disappeared I found a red wooden bench, flattened my skirt, and sat down. We picked this park for our anniversary because it usually wasn’t that busy, but today it was packed. There were couples tossing a Frisbee back and forth, giggling the way Derek and I do, a few older couples still noticeably in love having picnics together. I hope Derek and I will be together at that age still. After a few moments pass I take my eyes off of the older couples and watch the kid playing fetch with his dog. The little brown haired boy would throw the stick and the dog would wag it’s tail but never move until the kid yelled, “fetch!” Then the dog would dart after this stick, and the kid would laugh the entire time. Kid’s were so cute! I wonder what Derek and I’s child would look like. Adorable, that’s what.

I took my eyes from the child now to take in the rest of the scenery, when I noticed the man watching me. A quick glance told me he had brown hair, and a nice smile. Is he still looking? Do I take another peak? I took another peek. Yep. Great he’s probably checking me out, wondering what I look like underneath these clothes. Men, besides Derek, are pigs. Should I get up and walk away? No he’ll look at my butt. I’ll just wait for Derek to get back, he’ll know what to do. Where is Derek, anyway? I took another glance towards my stalker. Dang dude, what’s your problem. Did you not see my muscled man ten minutes ago? I glanced over at the corner Derek turned, still no sign of him. I looked back, and the guy was still looking my way. I’m going to say something.

I stood up, walked past the boy and his dog, past the old couple and their picnic, and past the couple and their Frisbee, and right up to the staring perv. He looked up at me shocked and said, “oh, umm.. hey.”

“Why are you staring at me?” I glared at the brown haired man.

“Sorry, I, uh..” He gave me a nervous smile. “You’re kinda cute, I guess.”

“You obviously saw that I have a boyfriend. So stop checking me out!” Then I turned and walked away. I heard him trying to talk behind me but I didn’t care. I stood up to a perverted man, Derek would’ve been proud.

Perspective 2

I arrived in the park sometime around noon. The sun was shining, kids were playing, and couples were romancing on this beautiful evening. There was a kid who launched a kid a few feet and his dog returned it to him. The kid threw the stick again and I watched as it flew through the cloudless blue sky and landed and the dry afternoon grass a few feet from a red bench. A red bench, and a beautiful young woman.  Her straight brown hair reached down just past her shoulders. The blue tank top, and matching striped skirt brought out the sparkle in her green eyes. Realizing that I was staring at the woman, I forced my gaze back to the kid. Until curiosity struck me again. One more look couldn’t hurt right? I gave a quick glance her way and held it for one second before I looked away, but that one second was enough. She had noticed me. Or did she? I better check again. I felt slightly braver this time and held my gaze for two whole seconds before I looked away. Again the woman turned her head to check me out within that time period. This is pretty awesome, I thought to myself. A girl is actually checking me out! Should I go over there and say hi. Okay one more look for confidence sake, then I’ll go over there. I looked towards the pretty girl on the bench, and waited for her to look at me again. When she was sure to add a nice smile into the mixture.

Alright, I promised myself I would do it. Here it goes. Then she stood up. She stood up and started walking my way! I sat there and let her come to me instead of meeting her in the middle. This way I wouldn’t look like a fool if she was just passing by. She wasn’t. The pretty brown haired girl was now looking down at me on the bench.

I looked up at the girl and said, “Oh, umm.. hey.”  Smooth, dude.

“Why are you staring at me?” She said clearly annoyed.

“Sorry, I, uh..” I tried to put on a nice smile again, but she could probably sense my nervousness anyways. Then I went for it,  “You’re kinda cute, I guess.” I guess? I’m blowing this!

“You obviously saw that I have a boyfriend!” As soon as she said it, my heart hit my stomach.  A boyfriend? How would I know? But she-  She was walking away.

“I’m sorry. I.. I didn’t know you were taken.” But she was probably ignoring me anyways.

Perspective 3

“I’m going to get a soda. Do you want anything?” I asked Erin, attempting to reveal the lie. I stopped when I let go of her hand.

“No that’s okay. Don’t be long, I’m not much of a waiter.” She said with a wink. She wasn’t lying, she really hated waiting. She managed to bring out my smile again.

“Trust me, I know.” I gave her a quick kiss, and an “I love you” before I left. Otherwise, she would’ve freaked out about it. She always did when I forgot to say the three words.

I turned to walk away and heard her behind me, “You have ten minutes, but I love you too, Derek.” While I walked the short path I saw the wrinkled couple having a picnic. Great, Erin will see them and think about old us. I glanced a little farther down the park towards a brat and his dog. Then she’ll think about having a kid with me. I rolled my eyes. Then I turned the corner, finally out of her view. I walked towards the soda machine where I met her. My hot, blonde fling of the night.

“Hey” She said in a planned sexy tone, which worked.

“Well hel-lo.” I said while checking the girl out.

“Come on, the girls bathrooms empty.” She winked at me, took my hand, and led me into the bathroom.


The Torn Letter

Daily Prompt: “You stumble upon a random letter on the path. You read it. It affects you deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s addressed. Write a story  about this encounter.

“Today’s Twist: Approach this post in as few words as possible.”

I was walking the streets of everyday New York City with the cars zooming past blaring their horns, and the people passing me by without noticing my very existing when a small, torn piece of paper was whisked directly in my path by the on-going traffic to my left. Whether it was fate demanding me to read it or not, you don’t risk those kind of things. I picked up the fragile piece of paper that was on it’s last ounce of life and began reading it to myself with everyone still walking past me like stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to read a random piece of paper that floating in front of you was completely normal. The paper, which was actually a letter, looked quite ugly on the outside, but the insides contained beauty. It read:

“To My Loves,

I know it has been awhile since I have answered your last letter, but we don’t get the top-notch mail system here in Afghanistan. I’ll respond the best I can, I promise. Anyways, how are my two princesses? Have you both been good for momma, our queen? She runs our castle while I’m gone remember. Things here are alright, and to answer your question, yes I do miss our two pups even though they can be a hassle sometimes. I have to go now, okay? I hope to be returning home to you soon. I love you! and tell momma I love her too. Stay beautiful.


Your dad & soldier”

When I returned to the normal world that existed outside of my mind when I read, I found myself with tears down my face, yet our busy world pushed straight past me not knowing that our own veteran may not be able to contact his wife and daughter. I need to deliver this.

The Saint of Heart

Daily Prompt: “In 300 years, if you were to named the patron saint of X, what would you like X to be? Places, activities, object – all are fair game.”

I would have to say that I would like to be deemed the Patron Saint of Heart. I would want to be remembered as that guy who never gave up, on himself or anyone. That guy who let his heart lead him through life in everything that he did. That man touched nearly everyone’s life that he came across because he had a big heart. He would reach out to people, help anyone that he could. That one dude that stood apart from everyone else because he was good, he was nice, and he could put a smile on anyone’s face. I want a large amount of people to stand in front of everyone at my funeral and tell the crowd how I affected their life, how I helped them. To me, that is a legacy.

To Those who Fear a Distant Love

I used to think that a long distance relationship would never work out, and that those who tried were only hurting themselves. I used to wonder how a love could flourish if you couldn’t see or interact with the one you love in person. Perhaps this is true for many relationships that try to go long distance, but now I know that it can be done; it just takes work.

I know this now because my girlfriend of nearly two years is more than likely moving to Texas this Summer for our Senior year. I know I am young so most of you probably will say that I know nothing about love but I’d say I do. Within our two year experience my girlfriend and I have laughed together, cried together, upset each other, played together. We’ve had great times as well as not so great times. We’ve fought for, cared for, and been there for each other. I feel as if the two years we’ve been together gives me the right to say that I know what love is.

Anyways, like I said she’s moving. I am well aware that maintaining a long-distance relationship will be harder than it is when she is here with me. I know that I’ll miss her, and wish I could see her again one last time, then one last time after that, then again, and again. I realize that at first I will cry, maybe daily, but eventually I will get used to the idea. I will be willing to wait for her to come back to me once the school year is over to plan the rest of our lives together (yes we’re that kind of couple). So for her, I can wait. And I will wait because I’ve experienced what my life is like with her in it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So now I know how a long distance relationship can work. You must be willing to push through it, and love the other person entirely. You’ll need to know that without a doubt your partner is who you want across from you at the alter, and buried next to you when that time comes. Those of you who are afraid of losing your girl, or your boy, because they will be temporary away from you, just know that you can do it. With effort that same love will still be between the both of you and when they return to your waiting arms, that same love will be stronger. It will be stronger because you know what it is to live without each other and you’ll never want to experience it again.