The Serial Killer From My Mind (Part Two)

Daily Prompt: “Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t anymore.”

Twist: “Make today’s post the first in a three-post series.”

*DAY TWO OF MY THREE POST SERIES* (Click for day one)

Previously, I stated that the Serial Killer From My Mind was named Addiction, or Mr. Addiction as I like to name him. I have told you that our enemy, Mr. Addiction kills time from our life; however, that is not all he kills. Mr. Addiction is a diverse Serial Killer, not just of one genocide but multiple genocides. Mr. Addiction feeds his killing frenzy with our money. Yes that green little piece of paper that we highly value, that thing we tend to need to survive.

Day-to-day we spend money on Mr. Addiction because we believe that we need him in our life. Say your addicted to alcohol or drugs, you have to spend money to obtain those items. You highly value the amount in your bank, yet you throw it away to feed Mr. Addiction. When you don’t you go, practically, crazy. This is referred to as withdrawal.

I’ll stick to my old World of Warcraft addiction. In order to play my computer game, Blizzard required me to pay thirty dollars a month, which to my young, non-money-valuing-self  was not a large some to pay for a months worth of enjoyment. Yet I didn’t have a job to pay for it! Still I managed to pump my thirty a month, which was probably all that I had a month.

This is what we all do for Mr. Addiction. We come up with money that we don’t have to pay him to remove precious things from our lives. He is our own mercenary against ourselves. Stop paying him to destroy you.